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What is Welligan?

Why Welligan?

Well – from the word “good.”
We – from the words “we” and “Network”.
Li – from the word «Libris» – books, knowledge.
Gan are networks that create a spirit of rivalry and battle.

We work on the network, do our job well, constantly accumulate knowledge and fight to get 100% of the result..


What is welligan.com?

This is 10 years of experience, 50 employees from 12 countries and 1 goal – to solve the client’s problem by 110%.

We are a full-service digital studio: with vast experience, modern tools and significant resources. You set the task and determine the timing of its implementation. Everything else – we will do.

Our services

Individual design

Presentation is vital. A unique design is your major weapon during a first impression. Ordinary designers repeat and inherit trends. At Welligan we watch trends and avoid ever duplicating ourselves. Now your ideas will have an individual graphic form created just for you.
You have a desire, you have Welligan!
“Strive to be formidable, impressive,
and unique!”


An internet website is your office online. You may have a successful business, but without having an online presence you will not be able to grow your business and take advantage of today’s internet technologies. Welligan will create an office online for you and the ability to access and use business development tools that will increase your ROI.
“Strive to be unique, progressive,
and functional!”

Mobile apps

The 21st century is an era of mobility. To join the progress, you don’t need a cumbersome computer anymore. At Welligan we will create a future-proofed mobile app designed exclusively for your business goals. Our apps are perfectly optimized and work on all devices created with a user-friendly GUI. Now less resources are needed to be more productive.
“Strive to be reachable, accessible,
and mobilized!”

Games, VR, AR and MR

Your thoughts and ideas can take real shape with our design expertise. Welligan can produce projects of any complexity, starting with a virtual room and finishing with a host of multi-dimensional worlds. All your ideas will perform as imagined, working perfectly on all platforms; PС, XBOX, PS4; as well as all Mobile environments. “Strive to be virtual, augmented, and mixed.”

VFX and animation

XX century was the era of cinema. Century XXI is an era of special effects and computer technology. If you want to attract the attention of a buyer, shoot a video. If you want to increase sales, add a juicy picture and incredible special effects to the video.

3D Graphics

3D technologies make flat objects look life-like. They add a third dimensional reality. The best way to explain your complex project or product is to show its detail, assembly and progression using 3D graphics. Use animation and modeling as sales tools.
Make your way to the future with Welligan!
“Strive to be real, futuristic,
and dimensional!”

Bots and app for social

Every third inhabitant of the planet spends leisure time in social services. networks. And in the largest social. Facebook has registered more than 2.3 billion people. If you are not in the social networks, your business is doomed.

Photo and Video

In 1 second man receives 40 terabytes of information. The best way to bring such a volume of data is to show it, animated. Now 5 seconds of video means more than 5 hours of reading. Our video animations come to life and our graphics are believed in. With Welligan your business will have these tools! “A picture is worth a thousand words;
a video is a book!”

Desktop applications

Every second person in the world has a computer. Despite the popularity of social networks, still 78% of people use PCs for work and entertainment. Do you want to increase business efficiency and increase your presence in the market?

Our advantages


It is impossible to gather all the experts in one place. Someone wakes up at 9 am, someone at this time only lies down. A talented programmer can live in Ukraine, and the chief designer can live in the United Arab Emirates. That is what we have built a virtual office on the network.
Our office is freedom, multiplied by personal responsibility. We do not limit ourselves to the scope, but we are always responsible for the result. You lose – we lose too. It is in our interests that you always win.

Dream work

We do not perceive our activities as work. For us, this is the work of a lifetime, allowing us to earn a living. In our studio there are no employees in the usual sense. We employ artists, dreamers, winners and just fans of their craft. Therefore, people who are really interested in your project will be involved in it. Profit for us is not the goal, but just a side effect of a high-quality completed project. And nothing more.

Mission Impossible?
Call Welligan!

There are no impossible tasks – there are incorrect priorities and incorrectly selected tools. We use hundreds of programs and tools. It all depends on the task and the desired result. You set a task – we offer a solution. Thanks to the staff of specialists and the accumulated experience, solving your problem is just a matter of time.

Measurable results

We have hundreds of projects in our portfolio. Among them there are small works and large projects of international level. The scale of the project does not matter. We have uniform quality standards, and therefore, the output will always be the perfect result.

World expansion

We are actively developing and exploring new markets. Welligan now has 3 offices: in Odessa, New York and Dubai. Our goal is to show our capabilities to potential partners from different countries.

Our partners
Media Enterprise Group

Media Enterprise Group Inc.

Media Enterprise Group Inc. is comprised of a Network of experienced Professionals working in tandem with Welligan consulting in online and offline marketing strategies to jump start your Sales and Marketing goals. We especially can help devise funnels to capture your leads with the use of White Hat Search marketing techniques coupled with exposure to top end clients. We use the latest cutting-edge VFX video animation techniques to “Make Your Animation Real” effectively growing your Brand and ROI.

Magic Room

Magic Room

Our Magic Room Studio is a specialized core team of skilled professionals with experience in VFX Animation and the Computer Gaming industries. Magic Room has an advanced skillset combining over forty years of producing high-grade international projects. From animatics to complex, photorealistic effects and original custom creatures we cover everything. Our animated creations can literally take on the personalities that are required for any individual script. Conceptual design, pre-shoot, through post-vis to the final delivered VFX- our team is constantly pushing boundaries collaborating in the creative pursuit of genre and cutting-edge technology innovation!

Is there a challenge that requires a custom approach?

Contact us in a convenient way – we will offer a solution!