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Desktop application

Desktop application

Desktop application

Every second person in the world has a computer. Despite the popularity of social networking, 78% of people use PC for work and entertainment. Do you want to improve business performance and increase its presence on the market? Order the development of desktop applications.

Why are desktop apps
so popular?

  • offline working, protection from hacking (especially important for databases that store personal user data or accounting documents)
  • What the customer has to do to start working is to sign the license agreement. That’s all.
  • Apps do not depend on operating system updates and programs installed on your PC or mobile device.
  • It’s easy to install, as the necessary software is sewn into the installer.
  • Apps are ready for use immediately after installation. There is no need to download updates.
  • Apps are transparent and easily controllable, besides they are trusted by firewalls and antivirus programs.

Trust Welligan!
Our team is composed of experts in the development of desktop applications what include:

  • Profitability – you make an order in one place and do not overpay specialists from different companies.
  • Quickness – app is developed in a short term.
  • Reliability – we conclude an agreement which clearly sets out your rights and our responsibilities.

While you are reading
this text

Your competitors are already developing their desktop application. Stop thinking! It’s time to act! Book the development of applications for your business right now.

Our working process:
  • we soak up your idea;
  • we help turning it into a step-by-step working plan;
  • we create a prototype application;
  • we conduct thorough testing on a focus group;
  • we identify all the shortcomings and fix them in a short time;
  • we optimize the application for working on a weak PC;
  • we put out the release version;
  • we serve and support products throughout whole life.
Welligan Inc.

Welligan не просто делает Ваш бренд привлекательным, цель Welligan сделать Ваш бренд лучше.