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We don’t just create websites, we solve your problems.  And no matter what business you do, Welligan has tools to make it more effective.  The final choice is up to you!

Online Store

Our website developers build online stores to increase your selling activity on the market, to surprise the clients with elaborated product cards and convenient payment systems. High page loading speed is provided from any location, on any device and with any internet connection.

Corporate website

A stylish and modern corporate website is more than just a company’s business card of the 21st century. In addition, it helps to collect customer contacts and come into contact with potential clients. Your website is your online office suite which is open 365 days a year with no personal sick or vocation days.

Internet portal

This is a specially designed website for complex business processes that solve problems that can’t be solved with the help of online stores.  It combines great features and flexibility. Be open to choose the necessary functions to increase the volume of deliveries with one click of the mouse.

Apart from business tools, internet portal is equipped with complex technological solutions such as its own database, CRM – system, personal data protection system, multi-level encryption, anti DDos – systems, modules for efficient work with thousands of products at the same time.

Catalogue site

Availability of a virtual showcase with your goods plays a key role in turning your potential client into a regular one.  As a rule it contains maximum information about your products: description, technical specifications, image gallery, user manual.

Landing page

Why is a landing page important? This is a leading expert on sailing goods and services which aimed to encourage and to force your web visitors to make a purchase here and now.

CRM system integration

The ability to connect your website to third-party applications and systems, data protection, improving its functioning and optimizing large amounts of information – all this is provided by the integration of CRM systems.

Your site will have effective business tools such as cues, filters, sliders, visual configurators, interactive schemes, survey pages, calculators. And all information will be protected from hacking by the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) cryptographic protocol.  Entering your personal data will be as safe as storing money at the bank.

Our working process:
  • we study the features of your business;
  • we select the optimal type of web resource;
  • we develop the design and layout of the site;
  • we coordinate the prototype with you;
  • we make changes based on your comments;
  • we create a working Internet resource;
  • we create a unique design based on the prototype;
  • we carry out a series of highly loaded tests;
  • we present a ready-made and functional site to you.

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