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Photo and video

Photo and video

Photo and video

Photography allows you to freeze a moment and to keep it for years. Also it’s a way to turn the reality into a comfortable picture that you can learn, share and replicate. Do you want to present a new product? Show it. Photography makes the customers more willing to do the most important thing among marketers, namely to buy a product. And such spontaneous purchases account for more than 80% of worldwide sales.

Video is the evolution of the art of photography. Video has turned the static images into a world that literally comes to life on the screen. Video conveys emotions, creates the right image and evokes feelings that you need to promote your product or services. How to stimulate a woman to buy a new lipstick? By showing the effect of makeup on her beloved person.

Photo and video services are extremely universal and are in a great demand for any business. If something is on sale, the photo and video makes the sales process easier and more efficient. There is no need to invent complex texts and to work out a serious advertising campaign. It’s enough to create a special idea and to find good actors. The art of acting will do the rest for you.

We offer you the following services:
  • photography of goods and products;
  • creation of promotional videos;
  • music videos;
  • shooting documentary films;
  • photo shoot for portfolio and publications.

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Our working

  • we carefully study the product and the competitors on the market;
  • we find common ground with your clients;
  • we plug-in expert on neuromarketing;
  • we coordinate the project with you and correct it;
  • we create rich and vibrant images for your target audience;
  • we test the result on potential buyers;
  • we present you a proven finished product.

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