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Bots and applications for social networks

Bots and applications for social networks

Bots and applications
for social networks

Every third inhabitant of the planet spends leisure time in social networks. There are more than 2.3 billion people registered on Facebook. If you are not in the social networks, your business is doomed.  Thanks to groups and pages, brands have become closer to the customer.  And specialized applications and bots completely erase the line.

Now you can form the opinion you need about yourself and get an instant response about your product without expensive TV ads, with the lowest possible budget and maximum efficiency.  Conduct polls, create promotions, present new products. Your subscribers in the social networks will receive promotional materials automatically.  It’s as effective as knocking personally millions of people on doors.

We offer the creation of turnkey bots and applications of any complexity.  You determine the ultimate goal, we do the rest: we develop a sales funnel, prescribe behavior scenarios, and create convenient forms for collecting personal data and scripts.

Want to surprise

Don’t give the competitors the opportunity to get around you on social networks.  Order the development of bots and applications for social networks right now!

How we are working:
  • we study the specifics of your business;
  • we offer optimal solutions to the problem;
  • we’re writing a script for the bot or making a mock application;
  • we approve the prototype and make the necessary changes;
  • we create a working application and test it in different directions (usability, optimization, security, work under load etc.);
  • we present the tested working application to you.
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