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VFX and animation

VFX and animation

VFX and

The 20th century was the era of movies while the 21st century is the era of special effects and computer technology.  If you want to attract the attention of a buyer, you should shoot a video.  If you want to increase sales, just add a juicy picture and incredible special effects to the video. Our possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Any idea can be turned into a real project.

Would you like to report on the background of the Egyptian pyramids?  No problem!  Would you like your brand name to be larger than the city?  We can do it!  Looking for complicated acrobatic stunts and Hollywood explosions?  Contact us. This is our specialty!

Our range
of services:

  • Matte painting – the creation of computer scenery that is in no way inferior to real prototypes.
  • Computer modeling – the creation of three-dimensional objects with specified characteristics.
  • Rigging – creating models with sufficiently detailed animation.
  • Animation – the transformation of any inanimate object into a living character.
  • Matchmoving – tracking the location of any object in the frame.
  • Texturing – creating models with realistic textures that imitate real-life materials: fabric, stone, wood, glass, granite, etc.
  • Lighting – working with multiple light sources.
  • Effects of dynamics – realistic modeling of physical processes such as burning a fire, the behavior of tissues and liquids, the destruction of physical objects.
Our working process:
  • we discuss the task with you;
  • we offer the most powerful effects;
  • we write a script for future animation;
  • we affirm the script with you;
  • we create an animated video with approved effects;
  • we optimize the finished project without loss of image quality;
  • we present the animated video to you and your partners.

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