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Games, VR, AR and MR

Games, VR, AR and MR

Games, VR, AR and MR

The interactive entertainment and virtual reality are already knocking on the door.  All well-known manufacturers such as Google, HTC, Microsoft have created their models of devices for VR.  To avoid using entertainment technology for business means to miss the market and potential customers.  The possibilities of the game and applications for virtual reality are endless. You can create unique promotional offers, present the product in an unusual form, and offer the client a totally new experience.

What you need for this is a high-quality applications: games, useful utilities, entertainment programs.  The development of VR applications is much more difficult than the creation of conventional programs.  After all, you need to take into account the capabilities of modern VR devices and predict the behavior of the client in the virtual world.

We have been creating games for PC, XBOX, Playstation, iOS and Android since 2010 and have gained vast experience. And now this experience will serve your business. Set a task, set a release date and our experts will deliver the rest.

Our working

  • we carefully study the task;
  • we propose several options for a solution;
  • we create a prototype of a future game or program;
  • we discuss the prototype with you and correct it;
  • we create a working application and test it under load;
  • we give a functional and proven application to you.
What we create for customers:
  • interactive trainings;
  • virtual presentations;
  • virtual excursions and travels;
  • show rooms for various business areas;
  • quests in virtual reality.

Our working process

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