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Anastasia Gieserskaya Fitness School

Studio Welligan has implemented hundreds of projects. Among them are both small sites and portals that are visited by millions of people per day. One of these large portals is the Anastasia Gieserskaya Fitness School.

In an ordinary school, up to 2 thousand students study at one time. With the Anastasia Fitness School there can be almost 500 times as many. A standard web resource will disconnect from such an influx of visitors in seconds. Therefore, we have created something more than just a website. 


The fitness school is located on a separate server, which is able to withstand a huge load. It is a flexible and scalable platform. The number of students in the school is growing: we monitor this parameter and regularly increase the server capacity.

Anastasia Gieserskaya Fitness School


Anastasia Gieserskaya is a famous person. Therefore, the school should correspond to its owner not only in scale but also in style. We created a website with an individual design in pink colours and filled it with a maximum of useful information. Thanks to this, it is not only stylish but also functional.

Anastasia Gieserskaya

Actress, model and fitness lover, she has gained considerable experience in the field of proper nutrition and body care. 950 thousand people are subscribed to her Instagram account and each of the subscribers wants to look as cool as Anastasia. How to educate 1 million people? The only possible solution is to open a school.


The site is visited from 10 browsers and 100 different devices. The screen resolution of users ranges from 640 × 960 to 3840 × 2160 pixels. At the same time, on each device, the site should look and work perfectly. Despite the complexity, the task was completed. We managed to achieve this thanks to optimized code and correctly selected graphic elements.


Each fitness student enters their personal information, including bank card information. Where personal information is used, there is no place for negligence. The site runs on the new HTTPS protocol. This is an extension of the HTTP protocol to support encryption for increased security. Data is transmitted over the TLS and SSL cryptographic protocols over TCP port 443. For 2019, only 10% of sites are protected with this level of security. These include the US Department of the Treasury, the International Monetary Fund, and the NASA website.

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Thanks to the work done, millions of girls will be able to join a healthy lifestyle and improve their figure. Want to implement a similar project? Write to us, we will discuss all the details!

Professional photo and video processing

The success of training directly depends on the quality of the training materials. We processed dozens of hours of captured video and retouched with colour correction for hundreds of photos.

Anastasia liked our work so much that she wrote a post with gratitude.